An Opportunity to Help

Welcome to Georgia Table Pizza Project.

When COVID-19 gripped our nation in late February, a large part of our population went into panic and disarray. This panic led to bulk purchasing and hoarding at the grocery stores. We have all heard the stories of not being able to find toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Frozen foods seemed to be next; pizza, vegetables, frozen meals.....all disappearing from the shelves at an alarming rate. Then came the shortage of fresh vegetables in some retailers even though the local farms and craft producers were stocked with produce that was ready to be harvested and products that were no longer moving through their normal foodservice channels. This presented the Georgia Together initiative with an opportunity to help our local farmers in Georgia AND be able to provide another frozen meal for Georgia residents.

Welcome to the Georgia Table Pizza Project. This initiative began with a coalescence of 3 local manufacturers; High Road Craft, Blue Frog, and H&F Bread. We decided to pilot test a pizza kit where everything is individually wrapped and can be assembled at home. Interactive for the family and customizable to the consumer's exact specifications. This project will benefit the Farmer Fund, an extension of Georgia Organics.

From the Farmer Fund Website:
"The Farmer Fund was created to support farmers in need. While the initial purpose was specific to natural disasters in the traditional sense, we have seen over the past few days that a pandemic like COVID-19 is its own natural disaster - and is certainly an emergency."

"We need to support our local farmers as they strive to continue growing healthy, local food for our children, families, seniors, and communities in this uncertain time. A coalition of Georgia's local food organizations mobilized quickly to address the need. Effective immediately, we are collaborating through the duration of this pandemic to support our farmers through The Farmer Fund."