• Cindy Lieu

High Road supports Black Lives Matter

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed videos of men losing their lives, being harassed, etc for seemingly no other reason than the color of their skin. Black men are the largest demographic employed here at High Road and if we are feeling the anger, hurt, and sadness, we can only imagine what are team members are going through every day.

On Tuesday, we created a safe place for men to come together, share in their experiences, and otherwise build a bond with those who may not share in the same realities.

These 2 weeks have been jam packed with a wide range of emotions but overall a sense of togetherness. We thank everyone for participating and observing. Now that we’ve shared our experiences and our feelings, it’s time for action! Like Christian Rodriguez, High Road’s COO, said “Action will lead to change, inaction is silence”

As a company, here are our action items and the leaders of each:

  1. Education - Captains @Dre

  2. Entrepreneurship - Captains @Mitchel ( @Keith guidance)

  3. Employment - Captains @Derek, and @HR Courtney

  4. Exposure - Captains @CristyN and @Diamond DeGroat

  5. ESL - Captains @Eugenia and @Ivonne Neri

  6. Economics/Financial Literacy - Captains @Ashley and @Jackie

  7. Electronics/Technological Competencies - Captains @Shelee Lofland and @Ruth

  8. Expressions/Communications - Captains @sandra

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